Relax, Refresh, and Reborn


the modern and minimalist spa that provides Belinese treatments with genuine and selected herbal ingredients. Available Treatment : Body Treatment, Beauty Treatment, Body & Skin Treatment and Body Massage.



- Balinese Massage (90 min) – IDR 650.000

Its unique blend of deep stroke massage and presure point to reduse stress muscleaches.

- Aromatherapy Massage (90 min) – IDR 650.000

The inhaled aroma from essential oil heighten your sences with soft to medium presure.

- Thai massage (90 min) – IDR 650.000

Thai style massage that involves streaching and deep massage . No oil are used in thai massage

- Hot Stone Massage (90 min) – IDR 650.000

Heated stone are placed along the strategic energy points on the back of the body. combination with the traditional massage to relax the muscles.


- Stress Reliever massage (45 min) – IDR 350.000

It can reduce the tension , pain in shoulder , neck and back of the body.

- U Spa Reflexology massage (45 min) – IDR 350.000

A foot massage that increase circulation and rebalancing of the body's energy system.


Javanese lulur (120 min) – IDR 850.000

This luxuries treatment is started with traditional massage and continue with exfoliation scrub, then followed by yougurt rub down. A smoothing soak in scentedflower bath & ginger tea to complate the treatment.

Wine Spa (120 min) – IDR 925.000

This unique treatment using the rose wine promoting more youthful and beautifull skin. It's a mixture of massage and body scrub.

The Heaven (120 min) – IDR 925.000

This packages combination of Baliness massage and Refreshing facial .

The U Spa Ritual (180 min) – IDR 1.545.000

Refresh and renew with combination of our signature treatment, starting from foot bath ritual. Balinese Massage, green tea body scrub, seaweed body mask ,Refreshin facial, and flower bath to complete the ritual.


Refreshing Facial (45 min) – IDR 655.000

Softening and rejuvenating the skin

Milk Body Scrub (45 min) – IDR 455.000

Cleans ,enriche and revitalize the skin

Seaweed Body Mask (45 min) – IDR 455.000

The benefit firms the body reduce cellulite