Body Massage

    • Paradise massage (90 min) – IDR 350.000
      A balinese heritage massage is a unique blend of deep stroke massage,using presure points and stretching technique to reduce stress and muscleaches,recomended for those who prefer a firm massage.
    • Lumba Lumba Massage (90 min) – IDR 350.000
      Unique massage using the softness of the arm movement that will create a sense of relaxing can’t be forgotten and to be balanced by a maximum energy that will take the client in a refreshment and relaxation during the treatment.
    • Aromatherapy Massage (120 min) – IDR 350.000
      Based on with popular tehnique as Swedish,Hawaian, Balinese, Thai accupresure point and stretching. Using special blended essential oil penetrates the skin through massage strokes and stimulates the body system as well as enriching the skin.It clears the mind and induce relaxation.
    • Thai massage (90 min) – IDR 350.000
      The massage is done on the floor mat to allow the therapist to use his body as leverage for easy movement,is done without oil .It’s useful for healing and relaxation.
    • U spa reflexology massage (90 min) – IDR 350.000
      Not to be missed is U Spa signature stone reflexology treatment combining techniques from China. Your experiences begin with ceremonial foot bath followed by an energizing leg massage & Therapeutic foot reflexology with custom set of Lava Stones from mountain.To complete your treatment, a deeply relaxing hand,arm,neck & shoulder massage will release the bundens of everyday & brighten your mood.
    • Stress Reliever massage (45 min) – IDR 650.000
      It can reduce the tension and pain in shoulder , neck and back. Then given additional arms massage to create the effect of relaxation.
    • Hot Stone Massage (120 min) – IDR 350.000
      The Stones are placed on strategic energy points to ease away the tension. These warm stones are to be combined with our traditional massage.It helps to take away your stress, while relaxing the body to a deeper level.
    • Herbal Massage /Jamu Spa (120 min) – IDR 1.300.000
      It tenses experimenting with the herb plants and spices to concoct beauty .It begins Javanese massage and followed with the warm Jamu compress.It’s benefit to warm the body, to release tired muscles and to alleviate minor rheumatic condition.
    • Two Jegeg U spa Massage (120 min) – IDR 1.625.000
      U spa Tanjung signature massage in a unique combination technique of traditional massage, a four hand massage performed simultaneously by two therapists. The smooth movements along the length of your body create illusion of one therapist rather than two.
    • Shirodara (90 min) – IDR 1.300.000
      One of the oldest healing system in the world with herbal oil massage on the forehead in unique therapy designed to relieve mental tension and provide a calm state of mind and also combined by the head or the neck,back shoulder and hand massage.